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Why Won't My Friends Let Me Drive?

Aug 10, 2017 4:01:19 PM / by Brian Grayson

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You have a car. You have a license. And you have friends. Now your left asking yourself, "Why won't my friends let me drive?" This may be because you're a bad driver. Maybe you're a careless driver. Or maybe your car isn't quite the Queen Elizabeth of automobiles. 

You're a bad or careless driver...

Do you find yourself looking down at your phone while on the road? Or maybe you spend too much time being DeadMau5 instead of looking at the road ahead. Or maybe you think you're Jeff Gordon on the final lap of the Daytona 500. Analyze your driving habits. Maybe it's time to change and stop scaring the living shit out of your friends. Or this isn't the reason why your friends won't let you drive.

Your friends are control freaks...

One of the major factors with people and driving is the lack of control. They aren't controlling the car. They aren't controlling the schedule. They aren't controlling the logistics. This is very challenging for some personalities. This is what leads to backseat drivers, or your mom being a an "oh shit" handle holder. This is a common occurrence. Maybe you're a bad driver, or maybe your friends have control issues. Or this isn't the reason you cant drive your friends.

Your car is embarrassing...

Maybe it's not your driving or your friends control issues. It could just be that your car is embarrassing. Do you treat your car like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Are you only with your car during your daily commute. Has it collected an antique patina, but is only 4 years old. Maybe it's time for a clean. Your friends don't want to sit on a goodwill couch inside a dumpster to get from A to B. They want to be in a cool comfortable ride that doesn't damage their reputation. Maybe the won't let you drive because they're shallow. 

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Brian Grayson

Written by Brian Grayson

CEO of Downshift Auto Works

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