A Boy With a Dream...

A Short Story

Age 6: I learned to change a tire

Age 10: I started washing cars for cash

Age 16: I got my first car

Age 22: I started my own business

Since the fateful day of my dads flat tire, my passion never strayed much further from automobiles. It became my magnificent obsession. I started Downshift in order to bring my worlds together. I wanted to deliver the highest quality automobiles for the highest quality people. Every day we bring perfection to the table treating every car as is if it were one of our own.

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Lets make dreams reality...

Brian Grayson


Since age 6 I have been elbows deep in grease, becoming more obsessed with automobiles each passing day. I put my heart and soul into each car I touch. Every car that leaves my shop is my own personal Mona Lisa. I want to put you in a car that turns heads, and boosts egos. My dream is to make yours a reality

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My car looks like it just came out of the factory. I can't believe what Brian was able to do with the original paint. He is the hardest working 22 year old in the game

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