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Auto Detailing in it's finest form

Automotive Detailing

Downshift started as a hometown kid with a garden house and some automotive soap. Since then, Downshift has evolved into a full automotive detailing solution expanding beyond that young man's wildest imagination. We can provide services from a full clean up for mom's van, to mirror finishes on your pride and joy.

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Scratch Removal

Do you have scratches in your paint? Did someone take a key to your door, or has wear and tear began to show on your vehicle? It may time to come see us, or for us to come see you. Let us take a look and remove those scratches for you.
My husband surprised me with a detail from Downshift for our anniversary! My car is 10 years old, but now it looks brand new! This place is magical.

Rachel Decker 1 Dog, 3 Kids, and a Subaru


Swirl Mark Saviors

Are swirl marks ruining the potential of your showcar finish? Our professionals will put that issue in your past. With the finest equipment and knowledge Downshift will remove all swirl marks in your cars finish, leaving your with that dripping wet look that will turn heads.

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Simply the best in the game. Brian Truly cares about you and your car. 

Stan Smith Ferrari F40